individuality, passion & creativity

BROdenim is a personalized clothing company, specializing in high quality, custom denim jackets. At BROdenim our clients play an active role in designing pieces that are not only fashionable and meaningful to them, but also showcase their individuality, passions, and creativity. We pride ourselves on the collaborative nature of the business that has made it possible for BROdenim to grow and thrive over the years. Customers interact with our cutting edge online software to design up to twelve twill patches and build their dream jackets. Custom patches range from words, names, numbers, images, and symbols, to custom client-designed creations. At BROdenim, we make our clients’ visions come to life, one patch at time.

BROdenim originally found a niche in the sports industry by giving fans and family members of athletes a means to support and represent their favorite teams and players through one of a kind pieces. Our apparel has been donned by family members of Super Bowl, Stanley Cup, and World Series champions. This exposure increased traffic to BROdenim and expanded our clientele as customers began to create jackets more reflective of their personal styles and life stages, including engagement/bridal party jackets, baby announcement jackets, business advertisement pieces, etc. BROdenim has since worked with companies including Twitter, Mercedes Benz, Venetian Hotels, Reebok, Variety Magazine, and the owners of professional sports teams to facilitate and run on-site events and corporate/talent gifting. 

Although the brand has expanded, the message behind our pieces has remained consistent: BROdenim jackets are the backdrop to the stories that our client's choose to share with the world. Customers appreciate our blank canvas approach that guarantees limitless creative freedom, and are excited to wear and share our designs with the world on social media platforms.